Buy the first house to see Siri!, Just dropping into Facebook to say our house in Half Moon Bay, California, goes on sale next week for around $1

Buy the first house to see Siri!
Just dropping into Facebook to say our house in Half Moon Bay, California, goes on sale next week for around $1.3 million.
Shadi and Katherine did an amazing job staging it. It looks so good now I wonder why we are selling it.
This is the house that was the first to see Siri and DJI and many other companies and where our two kids spent their early childhood. Lots of tech industry folks all around.
As far as vacation from social media is going (I am not posting or liking much until September) it is weird to be experiencing this thing called reality. ;-)
As for my project, been working a bit, meeting some interesting entrepreneurs in AR and crypto spaces, but the first project was that we needed to get the house ready to sell and now that is complete.
Hope you all are doing well, truth be told I do miss Facebook and talking with all of you but it sure is easier to compete tasks and enjoy raising the kids when I am not on here all day long.
Anyway next weekend there will be an open house, if you are interested, drop us a line on Messenger.
Oh, and on Sunday I will take the kids and our new Tesla to Pacific Coast Dream Machines Show. Wanna meet up there? I will give rides if you wanna get a better look at a Model 3. We absolutely love it!!

TBC today and it will help your project on the morrow

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You would agree with me that for a coin that is barely a year old, it’s success is remarkable and there new developments, initiatives and ideas in the works to make it not only the world’s means of transacting like the Bitcoin but a unique not just as a true store of value but also wealth creation instrument today.
DO you want to know more about TBC or wants to buy, let me put you through on how to be successful in this world of TBC.

Destressing with artmaking before taking off to help fight the war by standing firm in solidarity, support and prayer for my Six BC Survivor Sisters…

Destressing with artmaking before taking off to help fight the war by standing firm in solidarity, support and prayer for my Six BC Survivor Sisters on the Frontline. I will give this art away in pieces to those who have great hearts and to those who should have a heart — outside of the courthouse of course. Spiritual armor and love for the battlefield. Prayers for my Six BC Survivor Sisters who will be testifying before the beast. Grateful to our Joan of Arc in this War on Rape: Andrea Constand. God bless you.
Grateful also to my daughter for her help with this art project. She is the reason I speak out. Because of her I broke the silence.
Love you, my daughter Zion! With all my heart and soul!
#9yearoldgirlsrock #blessedartmama #haveaheart #ArtIsMyReligion #Orishas #Christ #Cuba #Africa #fineart #contemporaryart #modernart #visualart #art #artist #arte #artesplásticas #artista #artiest #omenka #olorin #sanaa #kunst #künstler #艺术家 #藝術家 #미술 #कलाकार #Художник

One of my favorite bands in High School, with some of my favorite lyrics ever written

One of my favorite bands in High School, with some of my favorite lyrics ever written. Always one to acknowledge depression in his work and looks like it got him =/ Hoping for more open discussions on mental health. We all get down; but as soon as people see you loosing stability, that’s when they question your credibility– the most frightening reason why I try to hide certain things as much as possible.
Wishing light for all your darknesses.
“While I’m alive, I’ll make tiny changes to Earth”
RIP Man <3

In Elevator with Stranger:, Woman: Curious, are you Greek?, Me: Small amount

In Elevator with Stranger:
Woman: Curious, are you Greek?
Me: Small amount. Mixed European and Mexican. Why you asking?
Woman: That explains your hairy chest-
Me: Yeah, sorry top button broke this morning.
Woman: Don’t be sorry. (smiles/checks me) Just be sure to break some more before we share our next ride..
Me: I’ll have my tailor get on it.
(Woman smiles and leaves)
Me: Fuck…’God, please let me have my first cup of coffee before anyone approaches me. I’d have much better chances at this flirting thing.. 0.0
Geek Swag for life it seems <3

La Locanda Del Cardinale

Buongiorno! Grazie Mille for allowing me to share my images of Italy with you, as it has been a great joy to hear the many wonderful comments.
Finally, after much prayer and encouragement, I have decided to dedicate my Etsy website and Sacred Italian Fine-Art Gallery to benefit ProLife. There are three price levels with signature images representing all aspects of this artistic portfolio.
With each purchase of the Exclusive Limited Edition Numbered Museum Canvas Prints, Museum Fine Art Prints, or the Sacred Italian Fine Art Scripture Press Prints, a percentage will be donated to the Pregnancy Aid Clinic of Atlanta, Georgia. Your continued support is essential and a Great Blessing! ?
Great News! We have added another Italy Pilgrimage with Sacred Artist Dino Carbetta and Spiritual Director Fr. Kevin Peek.
La ringrazio molto, e Dio vi benedica! ✝
Mezzaluna luna sopra Il Basilica Papale di San Francesco
"Crescent moon above the Basilica Papale di San

Francesco"… Upon arrival early that day in Assisi, I began taking photos the second I parked at Hotel Giotto just inside the walls in the foothills of Assisi. Perhaps Saint Francis arranged the dramatically perfect skies and coordinated every encounter. Beginning at the Basilica of Saint Francis, every second of the climb to the top of the mountain to the fortress Rocca Maggiore, a new surprise awaited around every corner. Never stopping for lunch or dinner, I continued to photograph new images well past sundown. Traversing the narrow steps and strada back down to the bottom of the mountaintop to my hotel, the walk seemed a bit less strenuous and I felt a sense of gratitude and completion of my day long journey. However, the very quiet Assisi seemed to have fallen into a deep slumber in the early nighttime leaving all the restaurants closed for the night. Pleading with the hotel manager, she desperately arranged a late dinner at one of the most iconic restaurants in Assisi, La Locanda Del Cardinale, which was built over an ancient Roman settlement dating from the first century B.C., with glass floors to view the mosaics below. Walking back at midnight to the hotel, the peaceful Assisi continued to call out. As the serene, quiet Basilica of Saint Francis stood majestically and glowed in the midnight skies, one could not help but to acquiesce to its mystical yearning for just a few more memorable portraits in the cool dew of the early morning air.

All pictures are available at #Italy #DiscoverItaly #fineart #Assisi #206Tours #tuscanwine #thecatholicwoman #catholicart #Catholicfaith #MotherMary#catholiclife #proudcatholic #sacredart #etsycatholic #etsysacredprint #italianwine #pregnancyaidclinic #bissisterhood

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I ❤️ this

I ❤️ this…
“I’ve come to this belief that, if you show me a woman who can sit with a man in real vulnerability, in deep fear, and be with him in it, I will show you a woman who, A, has done her work and, B, does not derive her power from that man. And if you show me a man who can sit with a woman in deep struggle and vulnerability and not try to fix it, but just hear her and be with her and hold space for it, I’ll show you a guy who’s done his work and a man who doesn’t derive his power from controlling and fixing everything.”
– Brené Brown


All addiction is distraction.
Distraction from uncomfortable, distressing,
even torturous thoughts and feelings in mind and body.
Seeking a ‘fix’ from unbearable affect.
Seeking relief from the pain of being human.
We can get addicted to anything, of course.
Drugs. Alcohol. Internet. Shopping.
Gambling. Sex. Work. Spirituality.
Another person. We can confuse addiction with love.
We can even get addicted to our thinking.
To living in our minds, in fantasy,
dream and false hope,
disconnecting from the body and the Earth.
All addiction is distraction.
Distraction from ourselves.
We split ourselves in two, and seek relief.
We abandon ourselves, and seek comfort.
We leave the present, and look to the future for wholeness.
We deny ourselves, and reach for an external God.
Inside a bottle. A needle. A shopping mall.
A casino. An ashram. A lover. Our minds.
Looking for rest in places we will never find rest.
Seeking peace in places that peace will never be found.
For true rest can only be discovered
when we reverse the seeking,
turn the longing on its head,
and actually turn towards our pain.
And get curious.
Invite attention deep into the mess of our experience.
Drench our wounds with kindly awareness.
And breath. And space. And warmth.
And we begin to make room in ourselves
for our sorrow, our grief, our fear,
our guilt, our anger, and our shame.
Our joy and gladness, too.
And we saturate our ‘victim’ with compassion.
And we infuse our ‘incompleteness’ with love.
And we immerse our ‘lack’ in such tenderness.
We stop looking outwards, you see,
and we start looking inside ourselves
for the power and the glory.
And the addiction to ‘other’ starts to break.
And we begin to fall in love with what’s here,
even if it hurts, even if it burns,
even if we feel scared and alone sometimes.
And we can ask a loving friend to hold us.
And we can ask the Universe to catch us.
We fall into Trust.
We fall into God.
We find the Courage to be Present
with What is Here.
Our addiction reverses:
We become addicted to Peace!
We become addicted to Now!
To Intimacy with all experience.
To the Divine Warmth of ourselves.
To this Sacred Place that was Never Addicted.
To this sense of Home.
– Jeff Foster

we will sit for hours together, and let the scenery of life, break our hearts into, millions of tiny little pieces

we will sit for hours together
and let the scenery of life
break our hearts into
millions of tiny little pieces.

and then we will watch, astonished, as
in the space between two heartbeats,
the very same scenery
fuses those pieces back together again.

as if we’d been kissed by life.

and then we will go for a coffee,
or do the dishes,
or pick up the kids from school,

or dance in celebration
of the fullness of things,

our hearts pregnant
with bittersweet mystery.

– Jeff Foster

403 Forbidden

403 Forbidden